One thing we are getting more requests about lately, is the option of couples wanting a wedding at home.  If you’re lucky enough to live on a farm or small holding with lots of wide open spaces, or if you live in a beautiful home and want something intimate, then a ‘home’ wedding is a perfect fit.

Having successfully planned and executed several home weddings in the past few years, we have learned some key points that we think you need to know before you make the decision:
1.  In most instances, having a wedding at home does not mean you’ll save cash (as you’re literally bringing it all in: chairs, cutlery, glassware – sometimes even a generator or a marquee!)  To be honest, sometimes it can even cost you more than the cost of having your wedding at a venue that comes with everything! Do not choose this option if you’re on a tight budget.
2.  Tell your guests to uber in order to avoid a parking and/or drinking and driving debacle.
3.  If you’re having your wedding at your home, make sure you have a member of staff refreshing the toilets after every use and keep loads of fresh hand towels aside (these get used up pretty quickly). If you’re having your wedding on a farm and you need to hire a portable toilet service, pay the extra cash to have a janitor on standby to clean and monitor the restrooms every hour.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

4.  Make sure your neighbours are aware of your arrangements for the celebration by sending them a little note and a chocolate  (in order to avoid grumpy people calling the police about noise complaints).
5.  Budget for a contingency plan in case of bad weather (a backup plan is a necessity). If you’re planning on having a ceremony in your garden, please make sure you have sufficient funds in your budget for a tent in case of rain. It’s not something you want to think about, but it’s best to be realistic and plan accordingly. If the sun shines on your wedding day, you can use the spare cash on your honeymoon!
6.  Arrange for cleaning staff to come in the day after your wedding. Just bear in mind that if you are indeed hiring staff to come and clean up on a Sunday, you’ll need to factor in the over time costs.

Trust me – you do NOT want to be mopping floors on your first day as husband and wife!

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