Feeling a bit down after your wedding?

Then this message is JUST for you. Every bride feels the hype & excitement when discussing their wedding plans, but no one really ever talks about afterwards… You’ve spent so much time investing in your wedding and afterwards it’s like, now what? How are you going to spend your time? What on earth are you supposed to use Pinterest for, now?

I remember this feeling all too well. Feeling kind of flat, kind of sad and almost like I’d lost a sense of purpose. I was a fiancée for 9 months and a bride for only a day. I was never going to experience the amazing moments of my wedding ever again. It made me sad! Can anyone else relate?

I’d like to encourage future brides (and those who have just got married) that “the post-wedding blues” are COMPLETELY NATURAL. After such a huge buildup, there’s bound to be a vacuum in your life.

Here are some tips to prepare for, and deal with, the grieving process (sounds a bit dramatic, but there you go).

1. Remember that your wedding is not your end goal. Rather regard your wedding is the start of something new. In other words, don’t become so obsessed and focused on the big day that you fail to plan for what happens next.

2. Make “space” for yourselves in between the planning. Chat about normal things with your fiancé – not just wedding stuff. Bringing a sense of normalcy to your relationship will help you merge into “every day life” after the big day.

3. Plan some fun non-wedding related stuff alongside the (w)admin! Weekend lunches with friends, a list of cool date night ideas to try in future, or plan a trip together a year after your wedding. Giving yourself something to look forward to definitely helps. (We went on honeymoon 6 months after our wedding – best thing we could have done!)

4. Give yourself a few days at home after the wedding/honeymoon, to ease yourself back into (normal) life.

5. Be kind to yourself – these feelings are valid. Feeling kinda blue is also kinda natural. Acknowledge it for what it is, and then let it go! Look back with fondness, and then focus on your beautiful new life as a married couple.