multiple wedding dress trend

Let's talk MULTIPLE WEDDING DRESSES – pros and cons of this 2022 bridal trend

Chrissy Teigen did it. Meghan Markle did it. Hailey Bieber had 3 and Paris Hilton had 5. I’m talking multiple wedding dresses, of course – a hot 2022 bridal trend that’s particularly popular with the Hollywood jetset. But it’s not limited to international A-listers! In fact, several of our fashion forward OHD brides have worn more than one gown for their South African destination weddings in the last year or two. Which led me to wonder: what makes the second wedding dress trend so appealing to brides? And how do you decide if you should wear more than one wedding dress for your own big day? Read on for all you need to know about this hot 2022 bridal trend!

Of course, the idea of multiple wedding outfits is nothing new to multicultural brides. For many years, brides have worn different outfits at their religious or cultural ceremonies or across the different days of a wedding celebration. Zulu brides, for example, will often wear traditional attire for their Zulu wedding and a Western-style white gown for their church ceremony or reception. Chinese brides will typically change their outfit at least three times. These bridal wardrobes are a symbol of the rich heritage each couple brings to their union (and a fashion feast for the guests!). But for the purposes of this blog post, I’m referring specifically to the 2022 bridal trend of wearing more than one Western-style wedding dress across a single wedding day. So, why do it?

Multiple wedding dresses allow you to be location-appropriate

It’s all very well wearing a beautifully ornate lace dress and veil to your ceremony, but it’s not going to help you when you want to get down on the dance floor. Similarly, that slinky reception dress you’ve been coveting may not be church-appropriate. Wearing more than one dress allows you to switch between styles and silhouettes, and always be appropriate to the venue.

Multiple wedding dresses allow you to preserve (or create) an heirloom

Wearing a wedding dress that belonged to your mother or grandmother is super special, as it creates a material bond between you, and a tradition that can be passed down to further generations. But what if you also want to express your personal style? Choosing to have multiple wedding dresses will keep everyone happy. Plus, if you want to preserve the dress for the future, you won’t have to worry about tears and stains at the reception.

Wearing more than one dress allows you to make bold choices

Many brides worry about choosing a wedding gown that’s too trendy and won’t stand the test of time in the photographs. It’s true that a classic style is less of a risk. But what if there’s something of-the-moment (or even cool and retro) that you absolutely adore? Having a second (or third) wedding dress allows you to be more adventurous and style conscious, which is perfect if you’re a bride who loves to make a statement. (Far-shun, honey.)

Multiple bridal pieces give you more flexibility and versatility

With all the changes and challenges and postponements of the last two years, couples have had to learn to be flexible when it comes to imagining their big day. We’ve seen minimonies, sequel weddings, and virtual ‘I do’s. Along the way, finding ‘the one’ wedding dress has become more about building a bridal trousseau, with pieces you can wear more than once and combine or restyle in different ways. Bridal designers have been on board, producing more transitional and convertible outfits that can take you from day to night (or from one celebration to another) with ease.

Wearing more than one dress allows you to switch between styles and silhouettes, and always be appropriate

So is the multiple wedding dress trend for you? Not necessarily! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose and wear a single dress across all of your wedding elements. And, of course, there are some disadvantages too. Cost, for one, can be prohibitive. Then there’s the need to get different shoes and accessories to go with each look. And, of course, there’s the fact you’ll only get to wear your dream dress for a small portion of the day. (Who doesn’t want to feel like a queen for as long as possible?)

Ultimately, only you can decide if this 2022 bridal trend is for you. But one thing’s for sure – if you do go down this route, you’ll be in chic company!

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