Let's talk TREND PREDICTIONS for 2019.

First off – the most important thing brides need to remember when planning their wedding is that despite whatever growing trends there might be, it’s important to stay true to yourself throughout the design process. If you plan your wedding just to follow trends, then be you need to be aware that trends come and go and using trends just for the sake of it is the easiest way to ‘date’ your wedding… Trust us, in 5 years’ time you don’t want to look back on your wedding day and wonder why you did that!

However, if any of the trend predictions below resonate with you, get you excited or reflect who you are as a couple (ie: fun, quirky, classic, etc) then we say go with what works.

The main objective when planning your wedding is to stay timelessly ‘you’ and to be inspired and have fun along the way!

These are our current predictions for 2019.

  1. Celebrant-led Ceremonies and personal vow exchanges.
  • We love this trend!
  • More and more of our couples are moving away from traditional experiences, opting to legally tie the knot before the wedding (in a very low-key manner) and have a friend/family member preside over the ceremony on their wedding day.
  • Exchanging their own vows is also becoming more popular. Personalising your day in this manner is one way of making sure that your wedding day is one that neither you nor your guests will ever forget.
  • Side note: you can frame your vows afterwards and use them in your new home as husband and wife.
  1. Bridal Gowns and accessories
  • On one side of the couture coin, we predict a return to classic, simple and elegant bridal gowns, inspired by Meghan Markle’s Givenchy gown and the ‘less is more’ ideology.
  • On the other side, we say yes to brave brides who choose embellished jump suits this year, in lieu of a gown.
  • Expect to see flowing capes replace the fluffy stole for winter brides.
  • Having two wedding dresses, or double-duty dresses (a 2-in-1). This might seem a bit excessive to some, but the reason is a lot more functional than you think, and we’re seeing it a lot: brides who change out of their wedding dress into something more comfortable (and shorter) after the first dance, so they can let loose and make sure they don’t ruin their pretty (and costly) wedding dress trains / lace.
  • In terms of bridal accessories, the flower crown (as much as we love it) is on it’s way out and you can expect to see a re-emergence of the bridal tiara (but with a modern twist).
  1. Tablescapes
  • It had a good innings in 2017 and 2018, but tulle runners are on their way out (and they’re taking pennygum with them!) Expect to see more ornate napery and tablecloths in cottons, silks and velvets in nude tones and deeper jewel tones as opposed to blush pinks and burgundy runners from 2017/18.
  • Branches and dried leaves adding depth and texture to hanging installations.
  • Statement glassware and cutlery is still going to be a big deal in 2019, with matt black joining the melange of metallic cutlery. We’d go as far as saying we’ll probably see less rose gold accents in tablescape designs this year, and more matt black paired with traditional gold and silver pieces.
  • Classic tablescapes are coming back too – think kings cutlery and crystal-cut glassware paired with ornate glass chargers and gorgeous full-floral arrangements taking centre stage.
  • In keeping with the classic look, we also see round tables and high-quality linens making a huge comeback in 2019.
  1. At Home Weddings
  • In 2017, 10% of our weddings were held at home. In 2018 60% of our weddings were held at home (either in the suburbs, the family holiday home or on the family farm). It’s amazing to see this new trend emerge because it’s just another way that couples are creating their own traditions (or following old family traditions) and personalising their day on a whole new level. Do not think that having a wedding at home will save you money, though. Where you save on a venue hire, you spend on bringing (literally) everything in.
  1. Glass and clear Marquees
  • The demand for clear marquees is growing month-by-month, as couples move towards a more luxe reception and the opportunity to feel as if their guests are dining under a starry sky.
  • Clear marquees also allow for a pure, well-lit ,blank canvas from which the wedding design can be as versatile as one likes.
  • Clever lighting also works well here and anything goes – from festoon lighting and fairy lights (both of which will still be very popular in 2019) to individual naked bulbs , and of course real crystal chandeliers for couples wanting a super luxe finish to their clear marquee wedding.
  1. A return all-things Floral (no greenery: goodbye pennygum!)
  • I think 2019 is going to be the year that bridal couples begin to invest more in their floral budget, recognising the huge impact that florals make on their wedding day.
  • Expect to see a resurgence of brightly coloured, full-floral prettiness as opposed to simple foliage with touches of white.
  • OHD’s favourite flowers for 2019: orchids, dahlias, anthuriums, chrysanthemums and of course, peonies and roses.
  • You can also expect to see a shift in couples wanting for environmentally-friendly options like foam free arrangements, and also florals that can be repurposed from the ceremony/canapes to the reception.
  1. Overall Customisation
  • Think personal. Think unique. This applies to having quote posters in your ceremony, to custom neon signs with your hashtag,  personalised, hand written notes to each guest, acrylic signage on your bar and dessert station, or even personal monograms on your stationery and dancefloor decal.
  1. Farewell Bouquet Toss!
  • No-one wants to be singled out for being single, just when the party gets going and everyone is watching. That’s a no from us. Why not give your bouquet to your granny or mom, instead? Far more meaningful than having a few desperados beating themselves and others up for a few broken stems.
  1. Guest Experience and Catering Styles will be more personal and inventive.
  • With weddings becoming more personal, the focus will become more on creating a relaxed environment for guests to enjoy, along with bridal couples catering more for vegans and vegetarian friends than ever before. Move over baked potato/arribiata pasta – think more thought-out vegan meal options that your friends will thank you for.
  • Couples are leaning more towards interactive food stations and sharing options as opposed to plated/buffet meals.
  • As far as drinks go, 2019 will see a progression towards guests being able to customise their own drinks too, (the self-service G&T bar will remain with us for some time) but you’ll also begin to see an integration of fun rum stations, aperol spritz and prosecco bars.
  1. Colours
  • Blush pink was great this year and last, as was greenery but we see both these colours slowly fading out next year to make way for neutral aesthetics.
  • As a result, 2019 will see an emergence of nude colour palette’s paired with shades of blue (our favourite colour for next year!) You’ll also see a slight shift in jewel tones at winter weddings (think deep plum or eggplant instead of marsala; and emerald instead of navy).

To sum it up – 2019 is going to be a fantastic year with a whole new fresh approach and our OHD couldn’t be more excited. As a wedding design business, it allows us even more scope to push creative boundaries and we welcome new ideas and modern ways of styling and execution. Just be mindful of the fact that trends are not for everyone, which is why staying true to yourselves as a couple, and your unique vision, should always remain your end goal.