We hear this all the time: “Hi there, I want a wedding like the one you designed last weekend, how much did it cost?”

Here’s the honest truth, brides. It doesn’t work like that. Your wedding is not a pair of shoes, this isn’t an object you can simply ‘add to your shopping cart before checking out.’ –
You need to consider ALL the elements that go into your special day (your vision, your venue, your number of guests, your overall aesthetic) before we can quote you on your styling or before we can compile a budget for you.

Here’s the other point to consider: as wedding designers, Oh Happy Day doesn’t recreate the same wedding over and over again. We aren’t a wedding factory and we don’t “copy and paste”. We strive to design celebrations that are unique to each couple. In order to do this, we get to know our brides and grooms through regular communication which builds the relationship. This cannot happen over a few words in an email. It takes time, trust and honesty.

So, to answer your question, dear brides: the cost of a wedding does not exist.

If anything, you need to consider all the elements that you want at your wedding. Here are just a few to consider:

  1. venue: distance from town? This will affect the travel fees you’ll need to pay every supplier that you hire for your wedding (including: make up, stylists, caterers, etc).

  2. guest pax: 50 / 200? This will affect your décor costs (per table) and your catering and bar tab costs (which is a cost per head).

  3. entertainment: band / dj? Or does your budget allow for both?

  4. catering: buffet/plated?

  5. florals: lush or minimal, in season/imported? If you have your heart set on peonies but they aren’t in season, does your budget allow for us to import these for you?

  6. decor: detailed / basic?

  7. Cutlery: plain / detailed? Does your budget allow you to hire specialized pieces for your wedding or does the venue hire include basic cutlery and glassware in their hiring fee?

Once you’ve had a think about the above, you can then tell US  what you want your wedding to cost. It’s not a simple process, but we are here to help guide you along the way. Whatever your budget is, the OHD team will strive to make your perfect day a reality!