Understanding Wedding Costs in South Africa


How much does a wedding cost in South Africa? Planning your dream wedding involves understanding the various factors that influence costs. From venue choices to guest counts and everything in between, each decision impacts your budget. Let’s delve into what you need to consider to estimate the cost of your perfect day.

We hear this all the time: ‘Hi there, I want a wedding like the one you designed last weekend, how much did it cost?'”

Here’s the honest truth, brides. Your wedding is not a pair of shoes; it’s not an object you can simply ‘add to your shopping cart before checking out.’ Planning a wedding involves considering numerous elements—your vision, venue, guest count, and overall aesthetic—before we can provide accurate styling or budget estimates.

Every Wedding Is Unique

At Oh Happy Day, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter weddings. Each celebration is tailored to reflect the personalities and preferences of the couple. This bespoke approach requires building a relationship based on trust and understanding, which takes time and open communication.

The Myth of Fixed Costs

So, to answer your question, dear brides: the cost of a wedding does not exist as a fixed amount. It varies based on a multitude of factors that you need to consider carefully:

Factors Influencing Wedding Costs

  • Venue: Consider its location and distance from town, which affects travel fees for suppliers like makeup artists, stylists, and caterers.

  • Guest Count: Whether you’re inviting 50 or 200 guests impacts costs per table for décor, as well as catering and bar expenses per head.

  • Entertainment: Decide between a band or DJ, or perhaps budget for both depending on your preferences.

  • Catering: Choose between buffet-style or plated meals, which significantly affects your catering budget.

  • Florals: Decide on the scale of floral arrangements—lush or minimal, and consider whether you prefer in-season or imported flowers.

  • Decor: Opt for detailed or basic décor elements that align with your wedding theme and budget.

  • Cutlery and Glassware: Determine if you need specialized pieces or if the venue’s standard offerings suffice, affecting rental costs.

Crafting Your Wedding Budget

Once you’ve thought through these elements, you can begin to outline what you want your wedding to cost. It’s a complex process, but we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Whether your budget is modest or lavish, the OHD team is committed to making your perfect day a reality!

Ready to start planning your dream wedding in South Africa? Contact Oh Happy Day today for expert advice and personalised wedding planning services!