A Happy Note From Joe

A Happy Note From Joe

This is the first message of what I hope will become many blog posts of this nature, as I look back on the month that was August for Oh Happy Day. I’m hoping to give you all some insight into the daily activities that accompany the roles within Oh Happy Day as a wedding business, and also some personal insight into Joe (me) as the person behind the brand.

There are a few significant things that happened in the month of August that both challenged Oh Happy Day and encouraged me as a business owner. Some were hard and some were great. Today I’m choosing to look at all the positive, awesome stuff!

A new beginning:

I had been toying with the idea of creating an office for a while, and on 1 August I finally took the plunge and signed the lease for an office space for Oh Happy Day. I’m delighted to announce that I now have my very own space for the business to develop and grow and to call Oh Happy Day’s very own. This has had such an impact on my life because now I have a space from which to have meetings, host my creative consults with future brides and do styled mock ups – no more coffee shops! I also feel that having my own base has further developed Oh Happy Day’s identity! I’ve had so much fun styling the office too, although it’s still a decor work in progress. (When it’s ready I’m going to post some photos for you to see, but you’ll have to wait until I find the perfect pieces to complete the pretty little space.)

Some affirmation:

Imagine my joy when I got back from leave, to find that both Oh Happy Day’s Facebook and Instagram followings have reached over 4000 and 3000 respectively. That’s a lot of love brides, and it gives me such a happy heart to know that you’re all loving Oh Happy Day’s work.

August also saw my most successful month of creative consults thus far and I’m delighted to let you know that Oh Happy Day signed three new happy brides for 2017, which is so exciting!

Speaking of delight, I also had the most pleasant experience that I have to share with you. In June I met with a bride who had previously been planning her wedding herself, but too many unforeseen issues had cropped up leaving her very disheartened about the wedding industry. She came to see Oh Happy Day in the hopes that I could perhaps assist her with her wedding. Due to some bad past experiences she asked me if I would mind her asking some Oh Happy Day brides for referrals, which of course I didn’t. It was two months later, during her mock up at our new office, that I thought to ask if she’d had any luck with her referrals. She told me that she’d send them to me to read for myself…. I was a little bit nervous at the idea, but who isn’t nervous when you know that people are going to be writing an honest opinion about your services? That night I received ten emails – every bride that she’d approached had replied with their own version of their Oh Happy Day wedding experience. I sat there in awe of these replies – each one reliving their wedding day in honest detail, each one long and descriptive and each one encouraging my future bride to book with Oh Happy Day. To my brides who wrote to her, you know who you are – thank you so much for your love and your support and your honesty. I am so grateful to you and my heart overflows with joy knowing that I made your wedding dreams come true.

A new team:

The more weddings I book and as Oh Happy Day grows and develops as a business, the need for more “manpower” (or girl power) starts to emerge. Earlier this year, Ali joined the Oh Happy Day team as my intern and co-assistant for the 2016 wedding season. This month we also welcomed Tegan. I couldn’t be more excited for the next step in Oh Happy Day’s journey as a luxury wedding design and styling business.

To be honest, this month was also difficult in some regards (believe me when I say it’s not always champagne, confetti and roses) but I’ve loved writing this post – being able to reflect on the month that was, and take stock of all the good things going on at the moment, it serves to remind me to always have an “attitude of gratitude” no matter what the circumstances. My friend Carolyn sent me a message earlier this month which had such a personal impact of the way I see things at the moment (thank you my dear friend). So this message is more of a personal reminder in a public space, but I also hope it’s given all my brides (past, present and future) some perspective into what (and who) Oh Happy Day is, and where we’re heading. The future is bright!


  1. jo, you have worked so hard and are such a loving person you richly deserve all that is good and beatiful coming your way.keep smiling! xxxxThora Kriel

  2. gillian sylvester Says: August 31, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    what a beautiful blog Joelene.

  3. Loved this my friend! Such a great read! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Lovely read Joe xx

  5. Happy and inspiring content and Im excited for you! So nice to have ur own space now. Well done xx

  6. Maggie Austin Says: September 18, 2016 at 3:34 am

    Hi JO, what a lovely blog. I wish you the best of luck ,happiness, and business in your new ‘SPACE’. Everything you touch turns to gold, because you put such love and go that extra mile into every event that you do. May you continue to make OH HAPPY DAY grow from strength to strength.

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